Rainbow-Filtered Decor

To wrap up Pride Month, we reached out to bold-color lover, designer Luke Haidle.

We asked Luke to share images of his rainbow-inspired designed spaces, and give us a bit of insight on what influences the aesthetic of the interiors where he lives, works, and plays.

Oh hello!

I work as a design consultant for a contemporary furniture group called SPACE. We specialize in designer furniture and our stores are a collective of some of the worlds bests brands such as Vitra, B&B Italia, Moooi, Kartell and EDRA. In my role I get to visit some really amazing homes and help clients express their individuality through their decor. I feel like our homes are an extension of ourselves and should be a reflection of that. I think globally, and particularly in Australia, there has been a trend of having everything neutral and dressing your home for guests. As a stylist I get a real kick out of using color, it provokes a feeling and really activates the area you're styling.

I think design and art go hand in hand. I love classic furniture pieces, but also love new original design. I love seeing places like IKEA collaborate with furniture groups like HAY and Tom Dixon. Great design doesn’t have to mean expensive, and some of the best homes I’ve seen are a mix of the two. 

Aside from my passion for furniture, I have a real enthusiasm for Instagram. It’s wonderful to be able to connect globally with other people who share the same passions. It’s a real community and I’m constantly inspired by the talent I see showing up in my feed. It’s a great way of discovering up-and-coming artists. It also acts as a bit of a visual diary. When I finally get around to building, my ideas are going to drive the tradies crazy. 

One of my favorite stores to shop at is Third Drawer Down in Melbourne. It’s like my spirit animal of shopping. I source many of my products from them. 

Home is a happy place for me, I live in an old warehouse and it’s the closest thing to a Brooklyn style loft you’ll find in Australia. When at home, my favorite thing to do is style and photograph objects and furniture. My apartment is in a constant state of evolution much to the dismay of my roommates. I’d say I’m more of a maximalist than minimalist yet it somehow all works. 

I love pieces that start a conversation, my favorite piece would have to be my Favela armchair by EDRA. It’s made entirely of teak timber pieces glued and nailed together by hand. It’s definitely not something you buy for comfort but I assure you I do sit and read in it. This bad boy has been a constant companion for me through good times, breakups, and everything else in between, and the longer I have it the more it’s become a reminder of my life. I can’t wait to grow old with it.

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Luke Haidle

Luke Haidle is a designer based in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, where he works for the contemporary furniture group, SPACE.