Volume 01

Archipelago Issue 01.medium book.jpg

nineteen short stories including:


Notes for the Aliens

by Maggie Dodson

Maggie Dodson is a Maine native living in the Midwest. A creative writer with a never-ending reading list, she resides with her two rescue dogs and partner.


The Celebrant

by Analee Kirby Kluge

Analee Kirby Kluge lives near the beach in Jacksonville, Florida with her husband and three young children.


Nose Goes

by Evan Lund

Evan Lund is a former biochemist turned writer based in Chicago. His work has been published in TriplePundit and Earth Island Journal. He also runs a website, B-sides of Research, where he publishes installments of his research scientist interview series.


Fine in Love

by Dustin Stoddart

Dustin Stoddart graduated from the University of Washington with a degree in philosophy and comparative religion. He lives in Seattle, where he currently teaches math, reading, and philosophy to young people. His most recent work of creative non-fiction was published by The Free Library of the Internet Void.



by Lena Fultz

Lena Fultz studies English and Creative Writing at Goucher College, and is a graduate of Frederick Community College, where her short fiction was published in the school's literary magazine, the Tuscarora Review, and received the Editor's Choice Award.


Too Late

by Matthew Brown

Matthew Brown holds a BA in Creative Writing from The University of Central Florida and lives with his growing family in suburban Orlando. His work has previously earned Honorable Mention in Glimmer Train’s Fiction Open.



by Lauren Wilkin

Lauren Wilkin wrote her first dystopian short story in the seventh grade, from the perspective of an ant whose colony was taking over the world. A New York native, currently living in Boston, she is working on her master's degree and teaching middle schoolers.


Made by Man

by Sam Fuller

Sam Fuller is a writer from Northern Utah who writes within the genres of science-fiction, fantasy, new adult, and comedy. He implements his background in psychology into his writing, taking a deep interest in the mental health of his characters and exploring those characters as they maneuver through fantastical circumstances.


The Rio Grande

by Rachele Krivichi

Rachele Krivichi is a writer and artist from Milwaukee, WI who writes about travel, art, the environment, and the intersection of the three. Her published work includes a collection of interviews with people on the road called RVs Are Ubiquitous: Alternate Lives On Wheels. She spent most of 2017 and 2018 living in the Netherlands, but she now lives in Minneapolis.


The Ocelot

by Christopher Impiglia

Christopher Impiglia is a New York-based writer, art book editor, and Adjunct Professor of Writing. He received an MFA in Fiction from The New School and an MA in Medieval History and Archaeology from the University of St Andrews. His fiction, nonfiction, and poetry has been published in Columbia Journal, Entropy Magazine, EuopeNow Journal, and Kyoto Journal, among others.



by Andrea Lurski

Andrea Lurski is a middle school writing teacher in northern New Jersey. She enjoys writing, blueberry coffee, and long morning runs. Transience is her first published work.



by Erin Cecilia Thomas

Erin Cecilia Thomas is a writer originally from upstate New York. She studied music in Boston, MA and has since lived in Brooklyn, New Jersey, and Nashville. She has previously been published in Letterhead and Anomaly Literary Journal.


An Ocean Dark

by Andy Polancec

Andy Polancec is a Canadian who loves hockey and drinking beer. He also likes music and writing stories. Practicing religion: Guns n Roses. Philosophy: Cohen.


Smoke Signals

by Kate Dusto

Kate Dusto is a writer whose fiction has made the honorable mention list for Glimmer Train’s Short Story Award for New Writers, while her criticism has appeared in Assay. She lives in Centennial, CO, where she teaches high school English.


An Evening with Everest

by Adam McDonald

Adam McDonald lives in Toronto with his two cats. He works at the Rights Factory Literary Agency as a reader and is also Managing Editor at Patchwork Magazine, an online publication for new and emerging writers.



by Sierra Stonebraker

Sierra Stonebraker is a creative writing graduate of the University of California, Riverside. She graduated in March 2018 and is currently living, working, and writing in Seattle, Washington.



by Kayla Gatalica

Kayla Gatalica is an educator, equestrian, yogi, and writer. She holds degrees from Case Western Reserve University and Harvard University. Raised in West Virginia, she lives and works in Washington, DC.


The Cure for Sleep

by Emily Viall

Emily Viall is a research nurse working with children with rare and infectious diseases. In 2017, she was rejected from the MFA programs she applied to, which served to make her bolder and hungrier to write. Her work has been published in Harness Magazine and The Nasiona.


I Am Not a Dingo in the Bushes

by Dalton James

Dalton James is a graduate of the Mountainview MFA program, and his fiction has appeared in J Journal, Chariton Review, Sixfold, and Abstract. He and his wife, figurative painter Danielle Klebes, currently live in North Adams, Massachusetts.


Cover Artwork

by Danielle Klebes

Danielle Klebes has exhibited at notable galleries and museums in Istria, Croatia, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Massachusetts, Colorado, Vermont, and Florida, and has also had her work included in numerous print and online publications. Danielle received her MFA in Visual Arts from Lesley University College of Art and Design in Cambridge, MA, in 2017. She lives in North Adams, MA, with her husband Dalton James, a writer.