A magazine for open-minded millennials

We are an online and print magazine that publishes travel writing, short stories, poetry, artwork, photography, and personal essays. New content is published on our website weekly, with two print issues released each year. Our content falls under three main categories: Explore, Create, and Grow. Each of these categories are further divided into three subcategories which are expanded upon below. Those who contribute work were born between the years 1980–1999.

Once a year, we publish a fiction anthology of short stories in a variety of genres. Click here to learn more.

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Explore - experiencing a place that is not your own

  • Nature — the great outdoors, our natural environment, Earth in all her glory

  • City — metropolitan areas, urban wonders, tiny towns in rural landscapes

  • World — places outside the United States, foreign countries, faraway lands

Create - taking inspiration and molding it into a tangible form

  • Art — physical mediums of expression, crafting, mixed media

  • Writing — poetry, flash fiction, short stories

  • Photography — Instagram accounts, professional photographers, photo essays

Grow - challenging yourself to build a better life

  • Self — self-improvement, self-care, self-expression, self-acceptance

  • Design — curating well-balanced spaces, home decor, style trends, architecture

  • Society — politics, pop culture, relationships, what you need to know about what's going on

Editor-in-Chief – Alexander Rigby   |   Production Editor – Brian McFawN

Senior Editor – Michelle Weiss   |   Creative Editor – Samantha Hansen

associate Editor – Gabrielle Bradshaw