Photographic Inspiration

We asked photographer Ian Valero to describe his photography by ranking his inspirations in short lists in a number of categories. Below you can explore what inspires him the most as you flip through his amazing images. 



1. Blue

2. White

3. Yellow

4. Green



1. Rule of thirds 

2. Details in architecture and nature

3. Minimalism

4. Symmetry



1. Sunlight 

2. Bright

3. Warm light

4. Natural



1. Mostly strangers

2. Humans walking

3. Or humans contemplating something (like art in museums)

4. And finally, humans doing any activity without knowing I’m taking the photo


Natural landscape

1. Beach

2. Sea

3. Nature, with plants or trees

4. Animals (if there's any)



1. Architecture details

2. Buildings interacting with humans and plants

3. Windows and doors 

4. Photos at museums



1. Colors

2. Multiculturalism

3. Art in all its expressions

4. Contradictions, in society, nature and art



1. Bright colors 

2. Minimal scenarios

3. Detailed architecture

4. Involuntary portraits


Favorite Photographers 

1. Ryan McGinley @ryanmcginleystudios

2. Greg Barth @greg_barth

3. Pedro Valtierra

4. Tina Modotti


Check out more of Ian's fun and colorful images on his Instagram.




Ian Valero

Ian Valero is a twenty-one-year-old political communication student from Mexico City. He enjoys taking long walks, appreciating the little things, fighting for human and animal rights, and taking photos of aesthetically pleasing everyday compositions.