A magazine for open-minded millennials. 

I'm constantly inspired by those around me. Whether it's through their words, explorations, or accomplishments, the young men and women who are members of my generation are wild, independent innovators.

I wanted to create a space where all of the amazing content I regularly see across a number of platforms could live in one place. Thus, Allegory Ridge was born. My goal is to create a website, and eventually a magazine, that chronicles the lives of millennials. We are endlessly categorized by this term, but what does it really even mean?

Perhaps we can define ourselves. A life contains so much more than just who we are.

Allegory Ridge is meant to be a community of contributors. I don't want this to be my website. I want it to be yours.

Content categories will include:




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Alexander Rigby

Alexander Rigby is the author of three novels: Bender, What Happened to Marilyn, and The Second Chances of Priam Wood. He lives in Seattle, WA.


Alexander Rigby