Minimalism is the ability of meticulous observation. 

I grew up in a very small town in northern Mexico, where there was not much more than sun and sand, a minimal influence in itself.

Fortunately, from a very young age, my parents exposed my siblings and me to a world of culture complete with music, art, history, travel, and experiences — from visits to French museums to prehistoric archaeological sites. Being exposed to so many different expressions of human creativity — I believe — somehow awakes in every human being, the consciousness to build a personal aesthetic and the ability to appreciate beauty in its multi-faceted expressions.

As a result, I began to develop the ability of observation. Being able to be aware of your surroundings at all times gives you a better understanding of space and its details.

When I moved to Mexico City four years ago, I started walking a lot, and started to notice the small things one does not usually see: the minuscule details like diffused shadows projected on facades, reflections in glass, lines, textures, colors, materials, and plants. All of these things normally go unnoticed, but contribute to enriching our environment, at least once they're acknowledged by the human eye.

I am inspired by my immediate surroundings and the appreciation of the tiny elements that make our spaces whole. Together, these elements contribute to a general aesthetic which in turn shapes the environment around us. 

Oftentimes I like to experiment and introduce either third parties or myself into my compositions, with the mere purpose of invading these "perfect environments" to introduce a subject that humanizes the composition.

Minimalism is everywhere. When you look up at a cloudless sky, or when you look closely at the design of your fingerprints, one must only acknowledge it for it to become so. 




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Francisco Herrera

Francisco Herrera is a twenty-five-year-old architect living in Mexico City. He enjoys photographing spontaneity, walking through museums, and taking pleasure in the simple things.