Photographing Food

When an entrée on your plate looks almost too good to eat, it's pretty hard to resist snapping a photo of it. While most of the food pictures we snap on our cell phones never do the subject justice, food and lifestyle photographer Emily Schindler has mastered the art of capturing gorgeous food shots that showcase delightful dishes and delectable bites. Below she shares her curated imagery and gives a little bit of insight on how to capture the perfect shot of your meal.

My goal as an artist is to style and create simple, irreplaceable moments through nostalgic lifestyle scenes. I believe that less is more. I keep my styling minimal and clean, in order to highlight the food / figure as the focal point in the frame. Shooting digitally allows me to quickly view the images I create in order to make adjustments on set. Every detail counts, and I make sure to only include what is necessary. 

I hope to stimulate the viewers’ senses, and make them feel both happy and at home as they look through my photos. I want people to envision themselves in the scenes that I’ve carefully curated and styled.


To see more of Emily's photos visit her website, or check her out on Instagram.




Emily Schindler

Emily Schindler is a photographer based in Brooklyn, New York. She's a pancake enthusiast who adores flowers, golden hour, pugs, travel and photography.