Glamourghosts & Other Poems



you swore you’d phosphoress

like the allosaurus you earned

600 skee-ball tickets to get for me


we went wandering

the night after leaden jesus first asked

what flavor        radiance        you wanted

like he was painting fluoride

“Elderberry. A bramble grew

behind the house where I was born.

Grandpa would lug his rocker far in

and sit

and shout at the blue jays. Said

it was where he belonged.”

but they were out so you got rosary pea

and didn’t glow

dragons aren’t lavender

i wear peel-off nail polish

(to forgo gloves in august)

and when my fingertips molt

i pray their scales will congeal

into a great glittering dragon

that’ll kidnap the maiden

from my mind


my neck is worth most when melted

you wear fishnet and throw pennies

into the klein bottle

wrapped around my carotid


the copper slideshow bores

my blood and it fucks

off to climb an inflatable outhouse


i unloop my belt

and wear it like a blinding ascot

before you say “let lincoln look”


but you’re an amberjack

and i’m melodrama

so i fuck off to climb a chair


magazine cover

i shudderstare—the manface

in the microwave strobes

superimposed over a spinsick

bowl of ground cow


i spill it on my skirt

and tape sasha grey’s head to the door



fabulous myself

with glittersugar and feathers torn

from crow bellies that ate

my ancestors with steak

sauce but they weren’t steaks

no sir

they were an eden garden of fruit

trees where every pomegranate cried

itself to sleep


the thing inside me cannot stay

its size exceeds minimum specifications to run this application

jetpack backpacking across north

west using ill-gotten capital gains

texas sky covered in oiling green peas

baby food for jesus

likes his steak well done his people undercooked

that’s why i’m not real

ity tv is where i’ll be buried inside

the box my flat screen came

packed mudlimbs in foam to fit without

the fight left in me i say no

thank you


slough off the ring finger

nail pullers were torture devices used by mars

terraforming venus into chocolate bars for a jailcell

holding fire spitters who eat their match

books whole no swallowing

but surgery to implant

in their stomachs and the reverse

when all matches burnout from life

in prison without the possibility of

jelly roll of belly grown from custard

smells like damp pillow


my face is a ravine cavepainted

with tarantulas screeching teeth

brushing noises noisy tutorial on how to

reinvent wheelchairs so spiders without legs can screech too

many inside jokes having nothing to do with anything

relatable to the average man i’m not so why

“Would you say nothing matters in the end?”

of the show because it all starts over again

on the next episode of mania


where do we go when we

dye our scarves the color of an earthworm

baked in the sun crystalline

mezzanine with a bomb the size of houston holy

hell that’s a lot of megapixels captured

below sea level bodies

float the undrinking water is still

undrinkable saltswill you need

to filter and nineteen hundred buoycorpses

everyone’s unhappy with their ancestors

resting in cisterns


skies cataracted with airplanes

constellations of staircases that a man lacking pilot’s

license climbs every night to say good

bye to his everdying wife who’ll be dead

by suncome and again the next evening over and over

counting the total population of heaven no one

signs her death certificates because

the only other person is her husband

who’s a polygamist


believing in an all-knowing

agency with the capability to en

force itself on you through nanoscopic

particles of ex-people who made it through

the water purification for severechronic stupidness

piñata boatbreak against iceberg in brain

waves that happen right before you fall

down the stairs


grandma used to call tomato veins in for supper

the sweet potato a heart

and the entire garden a man who she’d make love to

had he been less beautiful




Grey Hudson

Grey Hudson is an aspiring writer living in northern Indiana. They graduated from Southwestern Michigan College with a degree in graphic design.