Issue 01

114 full-color pages, 8 x 10 inches.

114 full-color pages, 8 x 10 inches.


Our FIRST print issue

Fall/winter 2017

Published on November 14th 2017

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Content includes

Nature | The Year of the Desert


Alexander Rigby takes us on a journey across the deserts of California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas

City | Seattle


Food-lover and avid Traveler Morgan goldberg details her experiences while visiting the emerald city on the sound

World | Now Was the Time


follow luke hausman on his months-long exploration of Southeast asia as he leaves his inhibitions behind

 Art | Sarah Strickland: An Interview


Australian painter Sarah Strickland shares insight into how her brightly colored scenes come to life

Writing | Poems by Stephanie Luka


With lyrical prose and haunting lines, poet Stephanie Luka's words shine alongside artwork by allison anne

Photography | Embrace Your Why


Photographer and Instagram enthusiast Judd Garrison explains why capturing life through images is so rewarding

Self | Being Stacey Starstruck


Drag queen and performer Stacey Starstruck describes how she uses drag as a means of self-expression and Empowerment

Design | Conscious Collecting


Interior Designer steven miller reveals the best way to curate your space with collected items to make your home come alive

Society | Unfiltered


in a powerful personal essay Alyssa persons ponders over what it means to be a millennial as filtered through her own life



Alyssa Persons

Alyssa Persons is a West Coast girl giving the East Coast a chance. She currently works in book publishing and lives in New York City with her cat. Find her on Twitter and, of course, the 'gram.

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Luke Hausman.jpg

Luke Hausman

Luke Hausman spends his time looking for unexplored puns, making friends with people who own cars, and dancing in peculiar places. When he's not traveling or figuring out what the hell he's doing with his life, he's a freelance copywriter in Seattle, WA.



Stacey Starstruck

Stacey Starstruck is a drag entertainer in the great city of Seattle. She's known as the city’s premier swampdonkey and can best be described as delicious fine-dining fast food. You can find this gorgeous trashrat making appearances all around town including at her new home, Queer Bar.



Judd Garrison

Judd Garrison is a left-handed creative living in Philadelphia, PA. When he’s not traveling or capturing media, he’s trying to find the nearest taco truck, listening to podcasts, or eating unnecessary amounts of hummus.


SarahStrickland Photo.jpg

Sarah Strickland

Sarah Strickland is a textile designer and illustrator from Melbourne, Australia. She likes bold color and hot tea. Sarah also enjoys making things: paintings, collages, dioramas, cakes, and hot messes.

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Photos 8.24.17.JPG

Steven Miller

Steven Miller is an interior stylist in Los Angeles whose company, Sub Folk Collective, was founded on the idea that design is a collaborate process. When he's not digging through the randomness of estate sales, he enjoys road trips, camping, listening to records, and chilling with friends.

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Morgan Goldberg

Morgan Goldberg is a freelance writer and gluten enthusiast currently traversing the Eastern Hemisphere in efforts to eat all the carbs this side of the world has to offer. She spent two years working at Food & Wine preparing for this task.



Alexander Rigby

Alexander Rigby is the author of three novels, with a fourth in the works. An avid outdoorsman, he's trying to visit as many national parks as possible.

photo steph.jpg

Stephanie Luka

Stephanie Luka was born in 1997 to a Dutch mother and a Congolese father. She discovered her fascination with the arts only after quitting her career as a professional gymnast and starting her life as a student at the University of Amsterdam.



Ian Farrell

Ian Farrell is a freelance collage artist and graphic designer living in San Francisco. He enjoys corduroy, sour beer, and getting out of the city.

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Allison Anne

Allison Anne is a collagist, illustrator, mixed media artist, and graphic designer living in Minneapolis with their two cats. Allison explores intersections and interactions in their art practice while examining their own motivations and experiences by producing collages every day.

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Ben Calhoun

Ben Calhoun is a portrait and commercial photographer and visual artist. He lives in Seattle, WA. If it involves good conversations and smaller group settings, he’s usually down to hang out and meet new people.

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