Issue 02

122 full-color pages, 8 x 10 inches.

122 full-color pages, 8 x 10 inches.


Our second PRINT issue

Spring/Summer 2018

published on May 22nd 2018

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Content Includes

Nature | The Dolomites

The Dolomites Mockup.jpg

Hike through the Italian Alps with nature photographer Austin Chernich as he reveals the astounding beauty of The Dolomites’ jagged façades

City | Sydney

Australia Mockup.jpg

Alexander Rigby takes us down under as he explores the sun-drenched beaches and architectural wonders of Sydney, Australia

World | The Spaces Between

Patagonia Mockup.jpg

Avid world traveler Anna Groman recounts her six-month adventure in South America as she visits spots in Chile and Argentina, while also journeying into Patagonia

Art | Sculpting an Identity

Sculpting Mockup.jpg

Artist Robert Stutler shares his techniques and processes involved in the fine craft of creating portrait sculptures with striking human-likenesses

Writing | The Blind Painter

Blind Painter Mockup.jpg

New York City writer A.W. Felsher spins a memorable piece of fiction about a man whose world undergoes a startling transformation in this short story

Photography | Searching for Something

Scandinavian Mockup.jpg

In our interview with Scandinavian photographer Louise Whitehouse, we learn what inspires her imagery, while showcasing her gorgeous snapshots

Self | Love and Divorce

Love & Divorce Mockup.jpg

A personal essay by Gladys Arias that chronicles how being a child of divorced parents can affect your outlook on life, love, and loss

Design | Snapshot Modernism

Snapshot Mockup.jpg

Wandering the streets of Palm Springs and Los Angeles, Michael A. Bullock captures the best of Southern California’s architecture in his well-balanced photographs

Society | Pilgrimage to Tragedy

Las Vegas Mockup.jpg

Channing Kaiser tackles the horrendous effects of gun violence in America in this poignant essay about how our society struggles to adapt to this continuous onslaught


Anna headshot.jpg

Anna Groman

Anna Groman is a web designer and artist who was raised in Zimbabwe, Paraguay, Ecuador, and Wales. She is currently living and working in Denver, Colorado where she spends all of her free time exploring the outdoors.

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Sahale Glacier-41 (1).jpg

Austin Chernich

Austin Chernich is an avid light chaser, who was born and raised in Seattle, WA. His favorite time of day is early dawn. He spends his days working as a photographer and enjoys all forms of design, reading sci-fi/horror, and exploring this big blue world.

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Louise Whitehouse

Louise Amelie Whitehouse is a Swedish photographer based in Scandinavia. While exploring nature and humans through her photography, she also supports a lifestyle where awareness, well-being, equality, and ecology is just as important as design and aesthetics.

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Channing Kaiser

Channing Kaiser graduated from the University of Pittsburgh with a dual degree in literature and writing. You can read more of her work on her website, People in Parks.

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Robert Stutler

Robert Stutler is an artist based in Pittsburgh, PA who is pursuing the tradition of portrait sculpture. He hopes that his work with clay allows him to create sculptures that bring an individual's personality to life.

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Gladys Arias

Gladys Arias was born in New York City, grew up in Texas, and now calls Pennsylvania home. She received her BS from the University of Pittsburgh and her MPA from New York University. She loves traveling, yoga Sundays, and rewatching The Office.



Michael A. Bullock

Michael A. Bullock is a Los Angeles-based artist whose photography explores modernism and its growth throughout Southern California. When not searching for the perfect shot, he can be found at home curled up with his husband, Patrick, and their two cats.

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A.W. Felsher Headshot.JPG

A.W. Felsher

A.W. Felsher is a New York City based fiction writer. He is now completing his literary debut novel.



Alexander Rigby

Alexander Rigby is the author of three novels, with a fourth in the works. An avid outdoorsman, he's trying to visit as many national parks as possible.

IMG_8923 copy.JPG

George Morton

George Morton was born in Oxfordshire and now lives in London (via Cardiff). He passes his days working in a design agency and his evenings illustrating and watching an unacceptable amount of dog videos.

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Catherine Frisina

Catherine Frisina lives and works in Northwest Pennsylvania. She enjoys lying under the stars, taking photographs, and being sassy on Twitter.

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Santiago Torres Acosta

Santiago Torres Acosta is a Colombian graphic designer, living in Montreal. He has a fascination for typography and brand identity systems. When he's not sketching or illustrating, he can be found mountain biking, playing bass, and planning his next adventure with his wife.

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ATM_8359 2.jpg

Anna Martin

Anna Martin is a visual artist and writer, native to Baltimore, Maryland, and currently based in Salt Lake City, Utah. She is an avid explorer and much of her artwork is inspired by her travels as she strives to capture emotions and inspire others through her work.

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Dustin Cox

Dustin Cox is a self-disciplined artist residing in Toronto, Ontario. His work includes a diverse collective of graphic art, paintings, photography, and multimedia inspired by where he has lived, and where he has traveled through.

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