Issue 03

118 full-color pages, 8 x 10 inches.

118 full-color pages, 8 x 10 inches.


Our third PRINT issue

fall/winter 2018

Published ON November 28th 2018

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Content Includes

Nature | Antarctica

(1)Anarctica Magazine MockUp 1.jpg

Avid traveler and explorer Andrew Wellman takes us on an expedition to the southernmost place on Earth

City | Kyoto

(2)Kyoto Magazine MockUp 1.jpg

While visiting Kyoto, Braden Timm discovers an exquisite metropolis full of gorgeous temples and immaculate gardens

World | The Balkans and Beyond

(3)Balkans Magazine MockUp 1.jpg

On a return trip to Europe, Rose Selby immerses herself in the culture of The Balkans, visiting a number of intriguing countries

Art | By Bella Designs

(4) Bella Designs Magazine MockUp 1.jpg

Artist Anita Meades shares what inspires her to create a stunning collection of modern tapestries and colorful weavings

Writing | Wake Up & Other Poems

(5)Poetry Magazine MockUp 1.jpg

Surrealist poetry by Ian Arnold is paired with striking infrared photography by Rhett Pritchard

Photography | From Above

(6) Drone Photos Magazine MockUp 1.jpg

Drone photographer Will Cheyney takes his camera to the skies as we showcase some of his best images from above

Self | Leaving Babylon

(7) Leaving Babylon Magazine MockUp 1.jpg

A personal essay by Michael Ploetz about growing up gay, Queer as Folk, sexual freedom, and what to do when your lover doesn’t want to commit

Design | Moody Cabin Girl

(8) Cabin Girl Magazine MockUp 1.jpg

Cabin-lover Gina Valente takes us into the woods as she stays in well-designed cozy retreats that accentuate their natural surroundings

Society | The Bubble

(9) The Bubble Magazine MockUp 1.jpg

Gregory Cioffi analyzes the reasons why society is built upon people placing themselves in one bubble after the other in this thought-provoking essay



Andrew Wellman

Andrew Wellman is an American traveler with a passion for the outdoors, photography, and proper flat whites from Melbourne style cafes. You can find Andrew in New Zealand, where he recently moved.



Will Cheyney

Will Cheyney is an award-winning Design Director with more than fourteen years’ experience under his belt. Having been a team member at companies like DF London and Poke, Will has worked in everything from advertising to web design to mobile apps and flying cameras. He lives in London, UK.




Braden Timm

Braden Timm is a Seattle native with a day job in tech and a passion for landscape photography. Armed with a Nikon D750, you can usually find him hiking in the Pacific Northwest on weekends or trekking in a National Park near you.



Anita Meades

Anita Meades is the designer and artist behind ByBellaDesigns. She works from her home in Derbyshire, England with her young family and two cats, crafting tapestries with care. Her goal is to create unique contemporary wall decor for today's modern home.




Ian Arnold

Ian Arnold is a poet, writer, musician, and composer based in Brooklyn, NY. He has avidly practiced yoga/meditation since 2011, and much of his creative work is inspired by this transformative practice. He is currently working on a new music project and a longer-form written work.



Gina Valente

Gina Valente lives in Ferndale, Michigan and runs the cabin blog, Moody Cabin Girl. She has a love for unique dwellings, adventures, and all things whimsical. When not running around renting cabins, she is trying new restaurants in the Detroit area and posting about them on her Instagram account, Girls Gone Hungry.




Rose Selby

Rose Selby works as a school curriculum editor in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She relishes in drinking hoppy beers, snacking around Europe, and practicing Czech.



Gregory Cioffi

Gregory Cioffi is a professional actor, director, and published writer. Born and raised in New York, he has degrees in English Education, English Writing, and Theatre Acting. A playwright and short story writer, Gregory has had some of his plays produced, and many short stories published.


Screen Shot 2018-09-19 at 8.40.18 AM.png

Michael Ploetz

Michael Ploetz lives in New York City and works in publishing. He likes cats, yoga, and filming videos for his YouTube channel, Slice of Mike.



Patrick Mahony

Patrick Mahony is a multidisciplinary designer and illustrator from Sacramento, California. He completed his studies in Communications Design at Pratt Institute, and currently lives and works in Brooklyn, NY.




Maku Latua

Maku Latua is a graphic designer and visual artist from Ulm, Germany. Since completing her graphic design studies, she works in the field of design, corporate identity, and printing. She usually spends her free time creating new visual worlds in the form of collages, often being inspired by everyday absurdities.


Rhett Photo.jpg

Rhett Pritchard

Rhett Pritchard is a photographer and writer based in Southern Louisiana. He is a Gifted and Talented teacher by day, but specializes in experimental and abstract photography in his free time. Currently, he is working on two different photography books, several novels, a poetry anthology, and even a children's book.




Alexander Rigby

Submissions Editor

Michelle Weiss

Production Editor

Brian McFawn

Senior Editor

Gabrielle Bradshaw

Creative Editor

Samantha Hansen

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