Issue 04

124 full-color pages, 8 x 10 inches.

124 full-color pages, 8 x 10 inches.


Our fourth PRINT issue

summer/Fall 2019



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Content Includes

Nature | Olympic National Park

Olympic Park Magazine MockUp 1.jpg

An exploration of Washington’s otherworldly Olympic Peninsula with nature photographer Julian Jenkins

City | Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh Magazine MockUp 1.jpg

Photographs of the Steel City by Chris Persic Are paired with an introspective essay about the Burgh by Brian McFawn

World | Veni, Vidi, Cogitavi

Jordan Piece Magazine MockUp 1.jpg

Avid adventurer and world traveler Nils Chapuis takes us on a journey through Israel and Jordan

Art | Cat & Paste

Cate and Paste Magazine MockUp 1.jpg

Matt McCarthy’s playful collages of enormous feline friends interacting with their surroundings sizzle with fun

Writing | Hole in the World

Fiction MockUp 1.jpg

A surreal piece of fiction by Brian Hughes is complemented by the abstract creations of Nicole Irene

Photography | Food for Thought

Food for Thought Magazine MockUp 1.jpg

We showcase the photography of Leticia Iglesias whose food spreads may make your mouth water

Self | The Way I Look at Myself

Self Piece Magazine MockUp 1.jpg

An essay about struggling with self-image and how we view our bodies written by Juanita Tovar

Design | Setting the Stage

Design Piece Magazine MockUp 1.jpg

We interview set designer Patrick Blanchard about the process behind Creating his colorful installations

Society | The New Lost Generation

Society Piece Magazine MockUp 1.jpg

Cindy Kang’s Artwork helps illustrate the themes OF an essay by Christina Tavares about generational differences



Julian Jenkins

Julian Jenkins is a veteran of the US Army and a graduate of Washington State University. He grew up in the Pacific Northwest and currently resides in Seattle. Living in such a beautiful place makes him appreciate the outdoors and allows him to constantly seek out new trails to enjoy.



Chris Persic

Chris Persic was born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The skyline is his favorite subject to capture, especially during sunrise and sunset. Along with photography, he enjoys hiking, biking, and all Pittsburgh sports teams.




Cindy Kang

Cindy Kang is an award-winning illustrator born and raised in Seoul, Korea. She moved to New York in pursuit of her creative passions, where she received a BFA in Illustration from the School of Visual Arts. Her heartwarming illustrations are inspired by places she lives in or visits, people she meets, her feelings, and precious little objects.




Juanita Tovar

Juanita Tovar is an emerging creative nonfiction writer with pieces published in academic journals and magazines. She writes for Spoiled NYC and acts as the creative director of their art department. Juanita is a queer woman from Colombia and has lived in New York City since 2014.




Nils Chapuis

Nils Chapuis is a French native, currently living in The Netherlands, before a planned move to the United States. Having worked for ten years in public libraries, his first novel is due to be published in 2019 and he is also writing a collection of short stories. Nils is a lover of nature and enjoys exploring through his travels and photography.


Second Website


Brian McFawn

Brian McFawn is a Michigander who now resides in Seattle, trying to make the most of the natural wonders of the PNW. From 9 to 5 he works in digital marketing and spends the rest of his waking hours traveling, running, hiking, bar hopping, and general couch potato-ing. Brian also serves as the Production Editor for Allegory Ridge.



Matt McCarthy

Matt McCarthy is a Chapel Hill, North Carolina-based collage artist. He lives with his wife and writing partner, Katherine Cox, and their two cats, Atticus and Sherlock. He enjoys watching baseball, writing horror screenplays, and hunting for collage materials.




Leticia Iglesias

Leticia Iglesias is a culinary photographer with a passion for food who lives in Zamora, Spain. She creates recipes for her popular Instagram and food blog website Revelando Sabores. Leticia loves to travel, read and cook. Her personal paradise is relaxing on any beach in Menorca.




Patrick Blanchard

Patrick Blanchard is a designer and artist interested in creating unique, emotional experiences that combine color, typography, 2D, and 3D elements in a multidisciplinary approach. While his graphic design background has taught him the importance of detail and how to create flexible, visual systems, his favorite projects take purposeful communication far beyond the page into realms that touch each of the senses.




Mya Kerner

Mya Kerner is a multidisciplinary artist based in Seattle. A background in permaculture and a lineage of Eastern European foresters drive Mya to explore ancestral history, mythology, and ecological concern through depictions of the landscape.




Brian Hughes

Brian Hughes lives in Dayton, Ohio and works as a software engineer. He's a veteran of the United States Air Force, a writer, a traveler, and you'll usually find him browsing in used record stores.


Nicole Irene

Nicole Irene is an art instructor, aspiring poet, and mixed media artist, who creates in the Berkshires of Massachusetts. Nicole is moved by the beauty of the nocturnal sky, astronomical phenomena, metaphysics, and cosmology. Nicole is a practitioner of herbal medicine and alchemical philosophy who dwells in a derelict apple orchard surrounded by an extensive collection of houseplants and creature companions.




Christina Tavares

Christina Tavares is a resident of Oregon working in content creation for an online application. Having written several hundred business articles and thousands of blog posts, Christina now publishes work in her own unique voice on modern relationships, social and cultural topics, as well as pieces of atmosphere and mood aimed at contemporary readers.



Alexander Rigby

Production Editor

Brian McFawn

Creative Editor

Samantha Hansen

Senior Editor

Michelle Weiss

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