Instagram Feature: justin.yng

You seem to be constantly traveling all over the world. Do you find that the more you travel, the more you want to explore even further to capture beautiful images?

Definitely, I think about the experiences I've had with traveling and photography, and it's almost like if photography is an engine, then traveling is the fuel that feeds into it and makes it run. Traveling provides a vast amount of photo opportunities, and vice versa. The need to capture aesthetically pleasing photos motivates me to travel more. These two really do go hand-in-hand together. 

Your account is a mix of both natural and manmade wonders. Do you have a different approach when photographing something in the wild or something in a city? And if so, how do they differ?

Generally, when I'm photographing nature scenes, I tend to prioritize how much content I can include in a photo. And on the opposite end, for urban/architecture shots, I pay more attention to the details of the design, and how I can aesthetically compose the picture rather than trying to stuff everything into the shot. But it really depends on the scene, as I usually shoot from different angles at the same site in order to figure out which approach looks the best. 

What kind of scene captures your eye the most and begs to be photographed? Do you find that you aim for a certain similar composition across different scenes, or does it tend to vary?

Since I'm still learning, I go through phases to try out different techniques. And lately I have been mostly interested in portraiture, because the human emotions that resonate against the background in a photo can really improve the storytelling quality. With portraiture shots, I tend to break the rule of thirds and place the model in the center of the photo. And with scenery shots, I often try to create a line of sight for the eyes to travel across. 

If you had to describe the aesthetic of your Instagram in five words or less, what would those words be and why?

Order in the unordered. I like creating symmetrical lines of sight, or any composition that reminds the audience of geometry, because I find it pleasing to discover patterns and lines in places where we generally wouldn't expect them.

What are a few of your favorite Instagram accounts to follow? What do you like about them?

@kylehouck - his portrait photography inspires me as well as the color adjustments in his post production.

@bakertw - the color use in his photos is very pleasing to the eyes. It's very hard to find good photos with a huge amount of color while keeping the overall image harmonious, and he accomplishes that. 

@azhuk - his urban photography is inspirational, in both composition and post production.




Justin Yang

Justin Yang is a nursing student at Seattle University. A photography fanatic with a Sony a6000, he is a world traveler who has been to 11 countries across 4 continents in the past 2 years.